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Website Hosting

When a website is built, the files that make the website are stored on dedicated secure servers. If the files become missing or corrupt, the website will either display poorly, with missing content, or it may not work at all. Most hosting plans offered by PEAK Web Development backs up all of your website content twice weekly, monitors website activity, updates files to meet the latest standards, provides security from hackers, malware and viruses. We offer case-by-case hosting plans for other maintenance needs, such as content changes and management, reservation and booking, eCommerce product and events calendar support. Our team will work with you to meet the monthly demands your business requires online.

Non-Maintenance Hosting starts at $16.99/mo

  • Customer Support

  • Weekly Back-Ups

  • File Updates

  • Search Engine Analysis

  • Website Security

  • Content Management

  • Broken Link Checks

  • Website Monitoring

Things to Consider When Hosting

We offer SSL Certificates for your website to make it more secure and ready for accounts and eCommerce sales. All SSL certificates have an annual fee (prices vary), similar to domains. When deciding on the best hosting plans to meet your business needs, consider the time and knowledge you or your team has to invest in your website Content Management System (CMS). We are here to help make your online business experience go as smoothly as possible. If you need assistance in running your business online, we have the right hosting and maintenance plan that best suits you and your business.